Making the entire globe our market to firmly open the door to the future for everyone We at Sakurai use our advanced technologies and powers of innovation to deliver high value-added products in step with the times

Company Concept

In the present age where information is instantly spread to all over the world, taking the entire earth as a market from a global point of view would open the door to the future. At SAKURAI, having ascertained changing eras, we have sent out to the market a number of highly value-added products, which we have achieved with the ability to develop advanced technology. In the products, SAKURAI’s “master-hand” skills taking advantage of flexible thinking are elegantly united and the corporate identity regarding user merits as the first priority is incorporated.
Wishing to take the lead toward a new era and to involve in part the development of good society by processing precision parts and developing machine tools, SAKURAI continues to step forward.

Spanning two business divisions―parts for automobiles, motorcycles, and general-purpose engines, as well as machine tools―our company operates two plants in Hamamatsu in central Japan, a production center in Vietnam, and an overseas sales office in Ohio in the USA. Our Parts Division fabricates large parts for engines, transmissions, and other mechanical systems that demand precision, top-quality components, while our Machine Tools Division uses its highly acclaimed technical expertise to design, manufacture, and install production systems ranging from single machine tools to large-scale production lines.
We don’t merely make and sell products―we leverage our extensive know-how to actively develop solutions optimized for customers around the globe.
As the automobile industry enjoys booming demand and production in emerging countries, the prognosis for Japan is clouded by cost pressures and sagging production. Given this forecast, we are taking steps to broaden our business to areas outside the automotive sector―including applications using our homegrown 5-axis control machining center―and to expand our overseas operations, particularly in Asia. We believe that this evolution of our business will enable us to better serve our customers around the globe.
We look forward to sharing our technologies and expertise with you to help open the door to your future.

Seiji Sakurai Presiden

●Business Policy●

SAKURAI is making commitment to the society in the form of ’manufacturing something’ and is doing business operations based on that policy.


  1. Service to the public
  2. Service to the customers
  3. Technology development
  4. Personal ability development