In 2002, with the organizational foundation forlaunching our overseas strategy firmly inplace, we established the subsidiary SAKURAIVIETNAM in the premier Southeast Asian cityof Hanoi. This pro- duction centermanufactures a diverse array of productsincluding motorcycle and automobile parts-andthus enables us to broadly pursue businessopportunities overseas. The center is fullyoutfitted with an M/C line, in-houseequipment, and other facilities that serve itsmission of quickly responding to the needs ofcustomers not only in Japan but across theglobe.
As a new challenge, we are working to localizethe entire production process from materialprocurement to machining in Vietnam, withthe goal of supplying SAKURAI VIETNAM products to markets throughout the world.


We are proud of our vast experience in producing automobile rela- ted products, mainly cylinder blocks and transmission productsthat compose the central mechanism of automobiles. Since we have set up a mass-production organization while accumulatingabun- dant experience in processing technology, we can provide automo- bile makers throughout the world with high precisionfunctional parts.



This division manufactures general-purpose engine parts for use in agri- cultural machinery and other equipment. Our high-quality parts form the cornerstone of products that need to deliver uncompromising reli- ability.

Other applications

The plant also produces a variety of other products, including forklift parts, motor cases, and gas meter parts. We have built upsolid exper- tise in precision parts machining that enables us to serve a broad range of customer needs.

<Equipment system>

ItemMachine NameMC ModelMakerQtyNomal range
1#30 Vertical Machine centerEV-360Enshu13X600*Y360*Z300
2#30 Vertical Machine centerTC-S2ABrother5X480*Y360*Z270
3#40 Vertical Machine centerES-450Enshu5X650* Y425*Z460
4#40 Vertical Machine centerMX-45HA-ROkuma1X560 *Y460*Z450
5#40 Vertical Machine centerEV450TeEnshu1X560 *Y450*Z460
6#40 Vertical Machine centerYMZ-850Yamasaki2X800 *Y500*Z500
7#50 Vertical Machine centerMV45Moriseiki2X820*Y450*Z450
8#50 Vertical Machine centerMV65Moriseiki1X1524*Y650*Z650
9#50 Vertical Machine centerFCN106Makino1X820*Y530*Z510
10#50 Vertical Machine centerEV530Enshu2X820*Y530*Z510
11#50 Vertical Machine centerEV650Enshu1X1,600*Y650*Z660(Table -2000 x650 )
12#50 Vertical Machine centerMC-60VAEOkuma1X1500*Y630*Z610
13#50 Vertical Machine centerDCV-3021BYCM1X3060* Y2100*Z900
14#50 Vertical Machine centerF8Makino1X1300* Y800*Z650
15#30 Horizontal Machine centerJE-30SEnshu4X500*Y350*Z300
16#40 Horizontal Machine centerGE460HEnshu2X600*Y600*Z610
17#40 Horizontal Machine centerGE480HEnshu1X800*Y800*Z830
18#40 Horizontal Machine centerMX-40HAOkuma7X560*Y610*Z560
19#50 Horizontal Machine centerMA-600HBOkuma3X1000*Y900*Z1000
20#50 Horizontal Machine centerNH5000 DCGMoriseiki1X730*Y730*Z850
21#50 Horizontal Machine centerGE580HEnshu2X800*Y800*Z830
22#50 Horizontal Machine centerPM500OKK2X650*Y600*Z600
23Vertical CNC MillingSEV-BEnshu2X700*Y300*Z400
24Vertical CNC MillingSEVEnshu1X750*Y320*Z400
25Vertical CNC MillingSBV400Enshu1X900*Y400*Z250
26Horizontal CNC LatheLCS-25Okuma1X220*Z520( Out side-390 H480 )
27Horizontal CNC LatheLCS-15Okuma1
28Vertical CNC LatheVL-25Okuma1X255*Z470( Table-300-Out side 450-H420)
29Vertical CNC LatheV760EXOkuma1X640*Z660 (Table Φ 600 )
30Vertical CNC LatheV60ROkuma1X640*Z660 (Table Φ 600 )
31Vertical CNC LatheV100ROkuma1X1074*Z900( Table Φ 1000 )
32Rotary machineRMW-860Sakurai1Φ860 Table
33Rotary machineRMW-1200Sakurai5Φ1200 Table
34Rotary machineRMW-1500Sakurai2Φ1500 Table
35Surface grinding machinePSG-157,208Okamoto1X1650*Y730*Z950
36External grinding machineGE4P-100Toyoda1
37Lathe machineLR-55AWasino1
38Lathe machineTAL-510Takisawa1
39Radial drilling machineDMBTeizinseiki Okuma1
40Honing machineND 335SFuji1
41CNC Coordinate measuring machineEURO-M7106Mitutoyo1X700* Y1000*Z600
42CNC Coordinate measuring machineCRYSTA-Apex SMitutoyo1X1200*Y2000*Z1000
43CNC Coordinate measuring machineCONTURA G2ZEISS1X1000*Y1200*Z600
44Surface Measuring machineSurfcom 480ATokyo seimitsu1X100
45Contracer CBH-400WX-2352Mitutoyo1
46Tool presetter machineTP-300NNihon ID System1
47Hardness testingDT-HSaito tech1
48Drying oven DS400DS400Yamato1

As of Aug 2018Summary

#30 Vertical Machine center18
#40 Vertical Machine center 9
#50 Vertical Machine center10
Vertical CNC Lathe 4
#30 Horizontal Machine center 4
#40 Horizontal Machine center10
#50 Horizontal Machine center 8
Horizontal CNC Lathe 2