Developing the creative mechatronics system that supports the key industry

The ability to do in-house production of the main parts has brought SAKURAI an excellent reputation and has also maintained the company’s essential requirement of reliability. Our ability to develop from single machine tools to large-scale production line system gives us the possibility to take a world with a wide range of products.


Design Section

By understanding our customers’ precise needs, SAKURAI offers the most appropriate methods and unique approaches to reach each customer’s expectations. SAKURAI dedicates all its experience and manufaturing know-how to high-precision, high-function, high-rigidity and easy maintenance. Continually improved technology, enhanced machining equipment, enriched creativity and our talents has made our「SAKURAI QUALITY」reputation. SAKURAI offers special-purpose machine tools in various fields such as automobile, motorcycle, construction equipment and has gained a good reputation. Additionally, SAKURAI’s one-stop system of development, design, manufacture, assembly, and maintenance has brought our machine tool division obvious advantages to achieve low cost, quick delivery and high quality. SAKURAI continues to sharpen its technology to meet the highly complex needs of our customers.

Manufacturing Section

SAKURAI’s manufacturing plant owns various machining equipment such as the latest generation of horizontal machining center, double column type machining center, combined lathe, wire-electrical discharge machine, turning machine and so on. We use various machining equipment to process core components in-house and through effective use of data from fully integrated 3D CAD/CAM system with assitance of design section, therefore, highly efficient manufacturing operations can be achieved.

Highly rigid machining center supports high speed and highly accurate machining.
A double column type machining center with excellent cutting ability and ‘5 face head’ which allows access to all 5 sides of the workpiece.

Assembling Section

SAKURAI’s manufacturing plant is a multi-functional, R&D type plant which holds a 120m(L)×30m(W)× 14m(H) assembling area and owns several large cranes. To take advantage of sufficient manufacturing know-how, SAKURAI offers conprehensive one stop solutions which covers designing, machine tool manufacturing, large transfer line assembling, machining line setup and overhaul.

Precision Measurement

The accuracy and precision of SAKURAI products are inspected and ensured by Sakurai’s Quality Management. Our services and products bring the most beneficial advantages, that allows us to offer solid supports for our customers.

List of processing equipment (Japanese) The Customers of MACHINE TOOL DIVISION

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