・Special-Purpose machine
・Modular System

Special-purpose machines

Special-Purpose Machine Tools

Large turning wheel machine Valve finisher Crankshaft processing machine

Special purpose machines are designed to perform specific machining tasks for specific work pieces or machining processes which can not be carried out using conventional machines. Furthermore, they can be also designed to respond to customer’s factory capability or targetted work pieces. By installing required functions or equipment, special-purpose machine tools are capable for mass production in high productivity.

Special-Purpose Machine Tools



The transferline serves its mission of quickly responding to the change of automobile and motercycle markets. It is capable for mass production of engine・transmission component parts in high accuracy and productivity.

Turnkey(machining center configuration)

SAKURAI team of highly qualified Proposal Experts provide industry-leading machining line proposals. Continuous line operation is tested and machining accuracy and cycle time are confirmed with customer before delivery, therefore, production can be started immediately after delivery. To suit customers’ needs, SAKURAI sets up production lines by using various equipment from requested manufacturers.

Car related
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・4-cylinder block
・Cycle time: 1.2 minutes
・6 machines
(including 6 Cubic4 units)

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・3 and 4-cylinder head
・Cycle time: 2.2 minutes
・6 machines
(including 1 rotary miller and 3 Cubic units)

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・Entire case converter processing
・Cycle time: 1.1 minutes
・22 ST units

Motorcycle related
Large truck related

・Crank case
・Cycle time: 0.75 minute
・7 machines (including 2 rotary millers and 3 TURREX units)

・Crank case
・Cycle time: 2.0 minutes
・17 machines (including 8 multi-purpose machines, 1 TURREX unit, 1 Cubic7 unit and 1 rotary miller)
・Engineers all necessary processes into a total production system, including multi-purpose machines

・Large V8 engines cylinder head
・Cycle time: 21 minutes
・Uses a machining center, SFC- 50TM, with SAKURAI’s original multi-spindle heads.

Modular system

This is a new system that can standardize the bed, feed unit, control box and coolant tank of such a special- purpose machine as boring machine and multi-spindle head, including a machining center (MC). The system is so designed that you can use the standard portions of an already constructed processing line intact and renovate the line by changing only special processing portions. This enables you to shorten the design time to a great ex- tent and realize a large reduction of the total cost incurred by the line change.

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Standard Bed

B12-1WAYW:1200 L:2400 H:610
B12-2WAYW:1200 L:4100 H:610
B16-1WAYW:1600 L:2900 H:750

Standard field unit

M63F400W:630 ST:400