Taking the lead of changing eras from a global point of view. Toward the future, exhibiting the ability to
develop advanced technology.

With a focus on part machining and machine tools, SAKURAI strengthens reciprocal links including Vietnam so that we can keep a handle on changing trends flexibly and accurately as we offer a variety of proposals.
From prototyping to mass production, our machine tool equipment and lines are in-house for high productivity. Our part machining can respond flexibly to high mix and fluctuation in quantity.
Further, we use our knowledge of part machining to the maximum to make general- purpose machine tools, specialized machine tools, and combinations of general and specialized tools that are optimal for the users needs.
We are even expanding globally from a focus point in Vietnam.
One after the other, we bring to the market products with high added value achieved thanks to our cutting-edge technical development. We aim for the future, to lead the next generation.

Through creation of various dif- ferent merits to the custom- ers,SAKURAI’s highly dimen- sional processing skills for precision parts bears fruit, while know-how is accumula- ted. The division uses its own approach from prototype devel- opment to mass production to which essential elements such as quality, delivery time and cost are always required.

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In 2002, an affiliated company, “SAKURAI VIET- NAM” was established in Hanoi, Vietnam. This affili- ate is the production base and dispatch center for the broad development of the motorcycle and auto- mobile business overseas, and their mission is to re- spond promptly to the needs of every country throughout the world, including Japan.

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By utilizing the technology obtained in the production of parts processing and machine tools, we will challenge the aerospace field.

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Making sure of a global market, the division is developing ma- chine tools which proves their flexible characteristics. The abil- ity to develop machine tools is incorporated from single ma- chine tools to large-scale pro- duction lines. The capacity of in-house production of the main parts has provided the customers with excellent reli- ance so has a good reputation.

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