We dedicate all our long years’ high precision parts processing experience and machine tool manufaturing know-how to aerospace field and provide high value added products to our customers.

SAKURAI earned JISQ9100 of quality management system for the aerospace industry in November 2014. JISQ9100 is appplied to ensure the consistant quality in aircraft body parts manufacturing and flying object parts manufacturing.

<Equipment system>

Aviation division is fully outfitted with 2 units of 5-axis machining center, 4-aixs machining center, combined machine, wire-electrical discharge machine and so on. In addition, the division owns various measuring equipment including coordinate-measuring machine.

・SAKURAI 5-axis horizontal machining center UNIT 1 (X:700, Y:500, Z:700/Spindle: NSK-63A, Max 20000rpm)
・SAKURAI 5-axis horizontal machining center UNIT 2 (X:1000, Y:1000, Z:1000/Spindle: BT50, Max 16000rpm)
・3D CAD/CAM NX™ Total Machining×2 EUKLID×1
・Coordinate-measuring machine ZEISS ACUURAⅡ(X:1200,Y:1800,Z:1000) 2 units
・TOKYO SEIMITSU shape measuring machine (Table size: 1000mm×450mm)
・TOKYO SEIMITSU surface roughness measuring machine (SURFCOM 480A, Table size: 1000mm×450mm)

<Machined sample>

By making full use of 5-axis control machining center, corresponds to the cutting of difficult shape and difficult cutting material.

Corner R0 processing
Eightfold structure sphere

Escalope rib globe

honeycomb structure
Balance dragonfly

screw propeller

<Processing performance>

・LWR CHORD (Material:7050-T7451) ・・ Parts of Aircraft
・FITTING (Material:7050-T7451) ・・ Parts of Missiles
・BASE (Material:7075-T7351) ・・ Parts of Missiles
・TRACK-OUTBD,SLAT (Material:4330V) ・・ Parts of Aircraft